Beaverteams is born!

Friends, those who are known and those who are yet strangers!
Time for a public announcement:
My creation, prototype*, is born at last!

* (You can still use it, but it’s just a prototype — Phase I of development (functionality) is over. Going forward, thinking of hiring some web design professionals for phase 2 (aesthetics/UI/UX) of development… So, please point out any CVs, bugs or additional desirable (in your opinion) features, by emailing me at!

Beaverteams: a new web portal enabling project definition & execution, and discovery and collaboration between the (potentially) involved participants.
If you’re the free type of person who believes in DOING things, taking back control of your life — along with local friends, who think likewise — please go ahead, create a free account at !
(Also get your interested neighboring friends to join and create their accounts, because Beaverteams, being a collaborative platform, works only if there are a plurality of users at any given locality)
Once you have a local community on-board, define your pet projects, search for and invite local hands to help – and, as Nike said, “just do it”!
Time for lay men & women to come together to make positive changes in the world! Start small, rally your mates, go on to make a big difference!
And all this can be done even if your cash supply is scarce, thanks to an internal virtual currency (the Gesellian Pound), that allows users to do things for each other without paying a “hidden” capital tax…
~ Exploit Gesellian free money to your advantage!
200 Gesellian Pounds (worth roughly $1000*) FREE for everyone who joins the platform ~
* How? … just how? Simple, just follow this advice by Colin McKay of Deror:
“by a clever accounting trick — they [i.e. the banks] let us borrow their IOUs as “money”… Why don’t we all do the same thing, and just lend to ourselves”?
Gesellian Free Money –> money is no longer a type of scarce capital, rather it is designed to be primarily a means of transaction. Time for a second Miracle of Worgl (hope we don’t have to wait for another crisis for the same)! There’s enough money going around for anyone willing to work or otherwise contribute in some way! Here’s to the rise of the world citizen!
A new type of man, enabled/empowered by the information age!

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